Our Mission Statement

The USA Stars’ Mission shall be to provide the opportunity for boys and girls to participate in a nationally competitive cheerleading sports organization. This program will be open to all youths, including those with special needs, who have the desire and time to belong to such an organization. Through commitment and teamwork, benefits derived from participating in the USA Stars will assist members in the development of physical and social skills including respect for teammates and other competitors, health and nutrition education, acquiring the ability to communicate effectively, leadership skills, building strength through physical conditioning, and learning to both win and lose with compassion and grace.

In addition, this organization will provide opportunities that are not available at surrounding public and private school systems including the chance to travel and meet other competitors, to work with their peers to solve both sport-related and personal issues, and to teach others who are less fortunate. Last, but not least, the USA Stars will lead by example to instill both patriotism and honor for the United States and all the associated benefits of being an American citizen.


USA Stars Board of Directors

President: Denise Logan

Vice- President:


Treasurer: Bill Logan

Members: Carol Brown, Bill Brown, Jane Miller, Jason Pinos